MGA Photography is about bringing unique perspectives of Australia with a focus on the beautiful northern coastal regions of Sydney known as the Northern Beaches. This unique perspective is what we like to call "Airscape" - yes, a simple merger of air and landscape photography that blends the colours and shapes of water and land to create abstract shots- it’s what we feel really captures what MGA Photography is about. 


Growing up in such beautiful locations such as New Zealand and Byron Bay has definitely influenced our love of the ocean and dramatic coastlines. Now lucky enough to be based in Manly, Sydney Australia our backyard hosts some of the most stunning coastlines in the world. When we are not at home we take every opportunity to hit the open road in search of inspiring locations to shoot from around the country.

 The Team on the Road

 On the Road


So why another photography business?
Well really what we wanted to do was bring quality prints that show what an amazing coastline Australia has to offer from the perspective we get to see on an almost daily basis. Quality prints being a key point for us – we don’t choose the cheapest printing paper because we want to make sure the image is exactly what we have envisioned. The process takes time, we select an image, we get it proof printed, check the colours & quality and then decide what sizes the image is suitable for before we offer it for sale. Therefore, we don’t have a huge collection of images with new options being released each week – quality before quantity is the often said cliché but we really believe in it. 


So how do we do it? 
We use Remote Piloted Aircraft – yes, Drones. The world of drones has really opened up aerial photography in the way that we see the world. First of all, its allowed us to get out more often than it was possible using helicopters, second -  it's allowed us to get different perspectives as we can fly lower. But that doesn't mean that we can do what we want, Drone operators need to work within strict regulations set by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Our Chief pilot is a certified controller and has been operating Drones for over two years and is regularly seen out on the beaches at sunrise to capture the world as it awakes.

Here's the results of what you can capture with a drone!