How Long will my order take?

All photos are printed & framed on demand, therefore it will take approximately 2 weeks (3 for framed prints) till it arrives at your doorstep, however it will take longer for overseas deliveries (up to 3 weeks for the UK). If there is any change to this, we will ensure you are kept up to date.



Rolled & Framed prints are shipped free to Australia (optional shipping insurance is not included in free shipping).

For the rest of the world, we are only shipping rolled prints to Canada, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany & the United States. However, if you really really want a print and your country isn't listed (or want to send one as a gift), please contact me and we’ll be happy to discuss options for you. 

There are two options when selecting shipping in the checkout page:

  • Free (for Australia Only), a signature is required for delivery so someone will need to be there to sign for the print
  • Shipping & Insurance: If you want to insure your print, select this option and it will be added to the shipping cost (it's entirely up to you if you want to insure or not, but please see consider our Terms & Conditions


International Orders - Tax/Customs Duty

No Australian GST tax (10% of the products value) is charged for international orders. However any import and customs tax is the customers responsibility to pay.  Please refer to your country's guidance for online purchases.


How are the prints shipped?

All of our rolled prints are shipped in a heavy duty cardboard tube to ensure there is no damage to it. 

For our framed prints, we first cover them in eco bubble wrap, then they packed into in a shipping box. We strongly suggest taking out insurance on framed prints.


What paper do you print on?
There are three types of paper which we print on and we pre-selected the type of used to get the most out of the image being printed:

  • 310 gsm Ilford Prestige Pearl – is a smooth finish that provides great sharpness and excellent colour range that really bring out the detail in our prints.
  • 310gsm BC Rag Textured Matte – not to be confused with stretched canvas, this paper provides a textured look. This print also comes with an Archival Quality Certificate from the Fine Art Trade Guild printer who we work with to produce our work.
  • 255gsm Chromajet Metallic Pearl - a smooth metallic looking finish which works well with contrasting dark colours and brights.


Framing Options?
Currently we are only offering framing options on a limited number of prints in our online store and only for shipping to Australia. In the near future we will expand the framing options to all of our prints.


What glass do you use for Framed prints?

We use Plexiglas for shipping due to the risk of breaking the glass in transit. While that may sound like it's a cheaper choice, Plexiglas is in fact a more expensive product (at no extra cost to you) and offers the same protection, optical quality & provides a lighter frame.  However if you do want to discuss options, please contact us or add a note in the checkout cart as there are options such as: glass (no additional cost) or non reflective glass (additional cost).


I've seen some images on your instagram feed that I love, but you aren't selling them - can I have one printed?  

The answer is of course YES - however to ensure that the print is of the quality that we want, we'll first need to do a print proof, then request the final print when we are happy with it. This means it may take a little longer to get to get the print to you. Please contact me to discuss if you have a photo in mind.


Not all photos are available in the large size – why is that?

The small format cameras that we are currently using for the aerial images are the limiting factor in being able to print in the larger formats. The prints can be pushed to the larger size prints and in some cases they have been, but image quality is what we are proud of and we do not want to compromise that.

However In the very near future we will be moving to a larger format camera which will allow us to print to the larger format for our Aerial shots. The test shots to date have been fantastic so we're really excited about this!

Can I see the prints before I buy?

I currently do not have a gallery to visit and see our prints before purchasing. I take pride in the quality of the prints and they are always inspected before sending out. If you find that you aren't happy with print - please contact me to discuss. 


Can the images be used for commercial purposes?

If you have a project or campaign that you’d like to use our images in, please contact me to discuss.


I have an event that I'd like you to photograph - are you available? 

If you have an upcoming event that you'd you like us to work with you on, please contact me to discuss. Please note: any drone flight needs to be compliant with regulations, so in the first step is we need to discus the location to evaluate if a flight is legally possible.


Are you a Certified Drone Operator 

Yes, MGA Photography is a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) certified operator (referred to as RPA operator's certificate, or ReOC) which means we can drones over 2Kg, fly within 30-15m of people/buildings (otherwise there is a 30m distance requirement) and seek permission to fly in areas that would otherwise be prohibited. You can find our listing at the CASA website - here.


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